Islamic Planner

If you are a busy career Muslim looking to manage your time and balance work-family life and faith, this is a helpful Islamic Planner to be Productive.
2024 Planner with Hijri Dates, featuring 12 months of weekly and monthly pages Hijri holidays marked. Elegant cover against a pretty background for better visual enjoyment with weekly and monthly sections for easy planning and scheduling.

Salah Time & Good Deeds Tracking:

This feature is crucial for practicing Muslims as it helps them maintain their daily prayers (Salah) on time

Quran Reading Tracker (Hizb):

Reading and completing the Quran is a significant goal for many Muslims, and this feature helps individuals set and track their progress (KHATMAH). .

Islamic Quotes (Verse, Hadith, Quote):

The inclusion of Islamic quotes, Quranic verses, and Hadith adds a spiritual dimension to the planner, reminding users of their faith and providing inspiration.

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