The Just Another Light project was launched over 4 years ago by Frederic Tonton.

Now, it’s not less than 4 editors who work on a daily basis to report and share what makes us who we are.

Present members :

15064906_10154853794418258_597911671_oFrederic :  I am 27, from southern France. I lived over 3 years in the UK where apart from studying at different universities and working several jobs there, I started publishing stuff online over 4 years ago now. Now back in France I’m doing a Masters’ degree in Literature and Civilisation of the English-speaking world  while working several little jobs. Just Another Light originally is my idea, and since not only I wanted to but felt the need to get some other lights come out of the darkness I started to invite other people to join me. I don’t want to show off all the things I can do by establishing here a list of all my qualities and abilities – I believe this website to be a good enough proof for this. My aim with Just Another Light is to share knowledge as much as possible and help people get perspectives about facts, events, for them to develop a proper built opinion. If bored, go check this out => I plan to release lots of videos for the 2017 season of the Eurovision Song Contest.

001 Joshua: Hello, I am from the wonderfull city of Trier. I am 22 years old and I started my apprenticeship as a caretaker for disabled people just a few weeks ago. 2003 was the year when I first got in contact with this thing called Eurovision Song Contest. It changed me forever. Eurovision is not just a bunch of gays listening to even gayer songs on a big stage. No, it is so much more. It’s Europe in its rawest form. It’s the only time of the year where 40+ countries can come together and celebrate Music, High-End Technology, Dance, Diversity, Culture and choose their winner. I joined this website in April 2014 and so can you!!!



 Iris: Hello, I’m Iris, and I’m from a huge and vibrant city called London, ever heard of it?
I currently study Fashion and Textile Design in university, because I have a huge passion for being part of creating designs. I’m also a professional portrait artist. I love to draw Artists/faces  from around the world to show diversity in my art I have drawn a couple of Eurovision artist and was extremely happy to know Queen Conchita liked my portrait of her. I’m also on my gap year of University and I’m spending my free time building my youtube channel and working at a clothing organisation, helping people that are homeless. It’s an organisation that brings a light of joy to those who don’t have much. Talking about joy another hobby of mine is, of course, the Eurovision Song Contest. I started watching Eurovision since 2003. Little did I know this TV show ,that I couldn’t pronounce, would cover a big part of my life. Eurovision has played a big part in forming me to the person I am today. I have joined this family like team, Just Another Light in January 2015. x.


12274206_970362296369823_6951781050727446102_nHi there! I’m Corentin, 21, and come from a little town no that far from Paris, in France. I’m at the moment studying Computer Science in the lovely city of Lund, Sweden; and when I don’t study, I spend quite a lot of time watching various TV series… and past Eurovision Song Contests! I’ve been watching the contest since I was a little boy, but the first year I have clear memories of was 2009, when a guy from Norway called Alexander Rybak took the trophy home. I haven’t missed a year since then, but really became an absolute fan quite late, in 2014, after Conchita’s win. After that, I started following national finals from all over Europe very closely, tweeting more and more about them, and ending up being offered to join the Just Another Light team at the end of 2015.


Past Members :

10423681_727174190686120_8881074177148009206_nLuke (August 2014-January 2015) : So I am 20 years old, who hails from Cardiff, South Wales in the UK. In my early years I spent time living in the United States of America. Usually writing articles isn’t my cup of tea, but when it comes to Eurovision – I’m all over it. I’ve always been keen to join the Entertainment industry and since 2013, I have been broadcasting across the Hospital Network on Radio Glamorgan. I joined Just Another Light back in August this year.

10537096_688758877878079_7497840282872264299_nThomas (Winter 2015) : Hey!  my name is Thomas, 17 years old.  I’m living in a very small village near Wasserburg am Inn (beautiful City!) in Bavaria.   I’m a big Eurovision Fan… My first time watching the Show on TV was in 2006.  I can still remember Lordi taking the trophy (you can’t forget this moment 😉 ).  After Moscow 2009 I started to deal more with ESC and since the victory of Lena, I’m a so called “Hardcore Fan” 😀  Unfortunately until now I wasn’t able to watch a show live (after trying to get tickets in 2013 without success) but this year Vienna is only 300km so I will surely be there… 😉


11169971_1566360490283337_5705764797949595226_nDean (May-July 2015) : Hi everyone! I’m the newest member of the team, my name is Dean and I’m 17 years old (18 in late May), I’m from he UK. I’ve been a Eurovision fan since 2011 and Eurovision over these last four years has become my biggest passion, I love Eurovision songs old and new, my other passions include Politics, business and photography. So like all Eurovision fans, I’m excited about the contest and I’m delighted for this opportunity to broadcast my views. I have joined Just Another Light on April 2015.

=> Dean left the team without saying a word in July. 

11024800_10152637365182595_5966235859656809101_nRoss (Summer 2015) : My first encounter with Eurovision was in 1996, when I watched the contest for the first time. I hadn’t heard of it before, but I was a fan of Gina G and wanted to see what it was all about. I recorded the contest and watched it the following day. I was hooked! I probably rewatched the contest numerous times, and was fascinated by all the different languages, songs and performances.

 My love for the contest has grown over the years and it’s crossed over into my professional life in a couple of ways. I’m a web designer for musicians, and I was lucky enough to work with a couple of past participants – I designed a website for Painted On Water (a duo consisting of Sertab Erener and Demir Demirkan – Turkey, 2003) and Demir Demirkan’s solo work (writer of Every Way That I Can – Turkey, 2003). I also co-host a video podcast called Bridge The Atlantic, where we interview musicians and creative entrepreneurs. We recently interviewed Tim Schou (Denmark, 2011) and Softengine (Finland, 2014).
I’m excited to be part of the Just Another Light team, and sharing my love for the contest with a new audience!


JOIN US ! : If you want to become the Super New Member of Just Another Light, let us know ! Share your interests and your aims with us through a letter and we’ll get back to you swiftly ! All of us are easily findable on Facebook (Frederic TONTON, Joshua REDUCH, Iris BORA).

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