JAL Recap of the Week

A LOT has happened over the past weeks in our Eurovision World. New National finals, New scandals and always this god damn rumor mill. Here’s what we know:


San Marino makes a national final!?

Yes, you read right. The British website 1in360.com & the San Marino broadcaster SMTV will organize the very first national final for the tiny mircostate:

(Really hope that this Nick won’t host the shows.)

Not too much is known about how the “Internet shows” will take place and when. But what we do know is that Zoe Straub (Austria 2016), A British Radio DJ named Dave Berry and no other than Swedish hottie Mans Zelmerlöw will form the Jury for this event.

So, It’s anybody’s game! Really excited to see if this show will have some singers from San Marino or will the country completely ditch their native singers in order to gain success?


FYR Macedonia needs to pay some bills…

And again, the EBU has kicked a broadcaster out and this time it’s Macedonia. Broadcaster MRT for years doesn’t seem to have payed their bills properly. And just like Romania in 2016, they cannot participate in the Eurovision 2018. But still can compete in the JESC in December.

The Head of MRT to find a fast solution together with the Macedonian government to pay all what’s due.

We hope that they find their solution fast. But FYR Macedonia won’t be the last country to have this fate. There is debt at a couple of broadcasters.


16 proposals for the Greek National Final

Would do it, but ERT doesn’t want her: Eleni Foureira

The days where Greece just placed in the top 10 no matter what they sent, seem to be over. After the very first non-qualification in 2016 and Demy’s rather weak 19th place, Greek broacaster ERT is looking for the first multi-song multi-singer national final since 2015.

They especially encouraged smaller record labels to send in songs, but at the same time ignored the big fish. One of the most famous singers in Greece right now Eleni Foureira said in a Interview that she would go to Lisbon if somebody from ERT would ask her. She also complained that other big singers in Greece have come forward in the years before but were gernerally ignored by them.

Greece was never really successful with rather inexpierienced singers. A good mixture of both has never hurt somebody.



  • Russia still hasn’t confirmed Yuliya Samoylova for Lisbon 2018 – and probably won’t
  • Slavko Kalezić is out in the Judges Houses on The X Factor UK 2017 – good for him?
  • The Dutch act for 2018 seems to be a former “The Voice of Holland” singer again?

That’s enough for today! If I forgot any news, feel free to tell us about it in the comments below!

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