Germany: Selection concept for 2018 announced!

Germany’s best position in five years is an 18th place in 2014.

After many disappointing results in the past years, German broadcaster NDR has pleadged again to “totally revolutionize” their National final. They kept us waiting. But last week, they showed us their formula for Success in 2018.


100 piece European panel, 20-25 former ESC Jury members & the German public.

This is the formula that Germany will use for the national final. Sounds complicated? Well… it does. First, NDR is right now looking for 100 people from all over Europe to form their Europe-Panel. NDR will choose the jury members themselves. According to them, over 10000 people will be interviewed for one of the glourious spots.

You can not apply for the panel. Apperently, NDR will right you on Facebook. So, take a close look at your Messages.

Barbara Schöneberger will host the National Final for the fifth time.

This jury will shortlist 20 acts out of all recieved proposals. Together with NDR, they will choose the five artists that will perform in the live show. They will all get an “personal and especially for them written” song that should represent the artist’s vocals and talent in the best way possible.

The artists will perform their songs in the live show that will be once again hosted by Barbara Schöneberger. The Euro-Panel, the ESC jury members and the public will all have their say in the voting. Let’s see if this will turn out well.


So, what are your thoughts on this? Is this the way to a comeback for Germany? Let us know in the comments below! 

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