We’re continuing our positions/results at Eurovision series today with the 22nd place.

With Iceland joining the year before and the return of Italy, Brussels hosted the first contest in history featuring a line-up of 22 participating countries.

Even less than for 23, that number of participating countries was to found again in another 3 contest (1989-1990-1991). It pretty much marks the last period before Europe seriously started to expand with the dislocation of Yugoslavia and the arrival of the former USSR members.
In total, there’s been a 22nd second place on 30 occasions – a total of 23 countries occupying it at last once. 
For this one the “occupancy record” is held jointly by two countries : France (all of which happened within 7 years) and Finland.

Finally, and though Italy is the only big 5 member not to have placed 26,25,24 and 23 ever, they’re not joined by Germany for this one as none ever finished there.

Anything shocking in there ? What your favourite 22nd placing song ever ? 

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