We’re continuing our positions/results at Eurovision series today with the 23rd place.

Malmö 1992 was the very first contest to feature 23 countries to compete ever. Throughout the 90’s and up to the early 2000’s, this would only happen another 4 times. 23 is thus pretty much the particpating number of countries of the 90’s.

As for the 23rd position, there’s been one in a total of 26 occasions. The very first country to have finished there in 1992 was Finland, and the last to date, Israel. 15 other countries have finished there at least once, France holding the “occupancy record” for this one (2000, 2005, 2013).

Just like for 24th and 25th positions, Italy is the only Big 5 country not to have finished that low ever. We’ve also noticed that none of the countries joining after 1994 has ever ended there.

Anything shocking in there ? What your favourite 23rd placing song ever ? 



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