As we did for the 26th and 25th positions recently, we’re today taking a look at all the 24th positions at the Eurovision Song Contest ever.

With the dislocation of Yugoslavia and the fall of the Berlin wall, the western vision of a musical and cultural Europe through the EBU extended to the Urals. Though 1994 would be the peak of these collection of events, with 3 new countries joining, 1993 was the very first year ever to feature (at least) a 24th position in an Eurovision final – occupied by Israel.

Curiously enough, it’s not until Stockholm 2000, so no less than 7 years after that, that the total number of countries competing in a Eurovision final would actually be 24. At that moment, one might think that they could have turned out to be 25, as most of the 1990s shaped up as 23-25 entries years, and especially when you think 2011 went back to a 23 participating countries line-up. However, from the 1998 contest no less than 3 decided not to return for financial reasons (Slovakia, Hungary, Greece) probably the main explanation for a first ever line-up of 24.

A total number of 24 countries competing in an Eurovision final would happen again on only 5 other occasions (2002,2004-2007). The appearance of a second semi-final put that number to rest. 
So to these 6 years, you have to had another 15 years in which there also was a 24th position, and that makes in total 21 contest where someone inevitably finished 24th.

In those 21 “24th positions”, no less than 4 countries hold the “record for occupancy” : Estonia, Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom, the latter being the only to score less than 10 points in our ongoing decade at that position. Curiously enough the United Kingdom also is the best scoring 24th ever with 62 points in 2016.

Finally, just like for positions 25 and 26, Italy is the only Big 5 country no to have finished there, ever.

Anything shocking in there ? What your favourite 24th placing song ever ? 




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