As we did for the 26th position recently, we’re today taking a look at all the 25th positions at the Eurovision Song Contest ever.

With the dislocation of Yugoslavia and the fall of the Berlin wall, the western vision of a musical and cultural Europe through the EBU extended to the Urals. Though 1994 would be the peak of these collection of events, with 3 new countries joining, 1993 was the very first year ever to feature 25 songs in an Eurovision final. 

After 3 other occurences in the 1990’s, the latest being 1998, that number of competing countries in a final, would once again become the sign of important evolution at the Eurovision Song Contest, since 25 were the number of countries competing in the first Eurovision final following a couple of semi finals in 2008.

As of today, it looks like this could happen again only if a Big 5 country won, like it did for the last time in 2011. Talking of Big 5, and as you can see on the board, it’s the United Kingdom that has occupied the 25th position the most, which is quite striking considering the mainly past strong record of the country, and the period of time over which it happened (4 years). 

In total, it’s 11 countries that have occupied that position, in the 15 years there was one.

Do you know all these songs? Which one do you believe deserved that result the least ?

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