Top 5 : Countries that have never…

The Eurovision Song Contest might have been running for over 60 years now, with over 50 countries that have competed at least once, we’re still a long way from seeing them (most of them) realising all kinds of records possible.

This table shows you a “top 5 completion record” where, for each position appear the flag of countries that have managed to hit the top 5 before but are yet to have occupied all its positions. For example, with the latest win being Portugal, you will see the Portuguese flag occupying spots 2-3-4 and five because their recent victory was their only top 5 placing ever.

On the right, you can see the 14 countries that have been successful enough to have completed an “all top 5 spots appearance” with the year when the last position was occupied. Though not specified there, the record of that kind of completion is Azerbaijan (occupied all top 5 positions within 2009-2013).

Finally, we can also notice that some countries will never be able to reach that right side of the “14 Club” since Serbia & Montenegro and Yugoslavia obviously can’t do much anymore now.

So what country-ies you think will join the right side next ?


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