Festival da Canção 2017 with Ciaran

Newcomer guest jury for Portugal, Ciaran from Ireland, is kindly sharing with us this week end, his full reviews on the 2017 edition of Festival da Canção.

Beea “Ao Teu Olhar” – The verses build up nicely here and Beea is really good at singing and although I find the chorus slightly dated I do find it nice and it’s pretty memorable for a slow song so overall it’s a very nice entry but it’s not strong enough to win. It’s hasn’t got the power than the others do. (7.6)
Celina da Piedade “Primavera” – The verses of this song are extremely captivating. It’s slow yet still grasps my attention. The chorus suddenly kicks in with accordions and other instruments which is very fun but it loses the spark. It’s not a bad song, it’s a cute and a deserved qualifier but it’s not for Eurovision. I like how much fun she’s having it makes me smile but again this isn’t a Eurovision song. (8.2)
David Gomes “My Paradise” – The verses are very American-styled yet catchy and his vocals are solid but I can’t help but think the chorus is extremely flat and annoying. The staging elevates his overall performance but it’s just so flat. Good attempt but not my cup tea. (2.5)
Deolinda Kinzimba “O Que Eu Vi Nos Meus Sonhos” – The verses start with excellent drum beat and creates a Disney-like atmosphere until the chorus kicks in and it falls flat. Vocally she’s good but from a winner of “The Voice” I expected something much more but it was just boring. (3.2)
Fernado Daniel “Poema a Dois” – Similarly to Deolinda this is another winner of “The Voice” who creates an atmosphere in the verses of his song and once again the chorus falls flat. His vocals are great but I forget the chorus as soon as it ends. When the bridge begins I keep thinking its a completely different song but it’s not a very good one. (3.4)
Golden Slumbers “Para Perto” – I’m not a fan of country and this is not anexception. I must admit it’s enjoyable as I like the calmness and the slowness of it. Their voices work ok together but there’s not enough going on to entertain me so I end up losing interest. Overall it’s a guilty pleasure because I don’t like the genre but it’s country done in a different style and I like that. (4)
Helena Kenall “Andamos no Céu” – The verses fail to grab me in this and she sounds slightly off key. As it progresses it builds and the chorus although slightly forgettable is nice and the addition of instruments is a good idea. Still she sounds off but overall the song isn’t bad and I like how relaxed it is. (3.6)
Inês Sousa “Se O Tempo Não Falsse” – The verses are confusing from. I don’t know how to feel. I’m not sure whether I’m bored or really captivated. Her vocals are memorising and the chanting-like style half way through is so magical. She came last in her semi final and I believe it was undeserved. She had me entertained and gave a beautiful performance. (8.8)
Jorge Bevinda “Gente Bestial” – The verses remind me of the entry from Czceh Republic in 2009 but this is slightly better. I can’t help but move. It’s a guilty pleasure for me and I know it shouldn’t go to Eurovision but it’s just really fun it makes me smile. I know why some people say it’s annoying but you have to admit it stands out. (7.4)
Lena d’Água “Nunca Me Fui Embora” – The verses catch my attention and as it builds it reminds me of Celina’s song. The verses are happy and fun but the chorus is slightly annoying. Despite this is doesn’t fail to put a smile on my face. Should it win? No but is it a fun and decent entry? Yes. (6.5)
Lisa Garden “Without You” – The first thing that catches my eye is how awfully dressed she is. The verses are fun and it’s a decent pop song. The build up is very entertaining and I expect a big chorus but it drops into a lounge beat. The rest of the song is decent but the underwhelming lounge beat makes this seem incredibly one note. (3)
Márcia “Agora” – This entry bored me in the first 10 seconds. The verses aren’t very entertaining however the chorus is lifts it. It’s a nice chorus but forgettable and again this is just one note. I must admit though the next chorus has a little more power and makes the entry seem better. Her voice is also very unique and she sang great. (7.1)
Pedro Gonçalves “Don’t Walk Away” – The Verses are extremely modern and he sounds great. The dancers are questionable and don’t seem to be dancing to the song but the chorus is again modern and I can remember this once it has finished. I believe he could be a potential winner and the falsetto just makes this even better. Get rid of the dancers and this could do very well. (9.6)
Rui Drumond “O Teu Melhor” – I appreciate his voice and how well he sounds but overall nothing stands out in this. Having a good voice is one thing but both the verses and chorus have to be memorable. Around the 1:30 mark is the best part of the song but you cant rely on a part of your song to win. Although the chorus is actually quite nice it’s not standing out. Good entry but not our winner. (6.2)
Salvador Sobral “Amar Pelos Dois” – Every single sound Salvador makes and every movement he makes is so captivating. From the beginning to the end he makes this a journey and it’s truly beautiful. He controls the song and his vocals are very great. My concern is that it would be forgotten in the sea of ballads at Eurovision but overall this is a potential winner. (9.4)
Viva la Diva “Nova Glória” – The opening instrumental is very nice and her vocals are solid but it’s failing to stand out. Suddenly there are 3 people who are all vocally talented and their opera style is unique but it’s just not my cup of tea. I’m not a fan of this genre but they’re vocals are great. The bridge is extremely operatic so overall I’m not a fan of their song but I can appreciate their vocals. (5)


Overall I don’t think Portugal has a winning entry. They have some good songs that could qualify like Pedro and Salvador but overall it’s not an amazing selection. It’s cool how diverse it is and they do have some talent there so I hope Portugal makes the right the decision. Hopefully we will see Portugal in the final


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