TOP 10: live entries that did not live up to fans expectations

The JAL team have come together to bring you our top 10 songs that didn’t live up to our expectations.

This is in random order.

1. Armenia – 2011

Iris; It’s a fun song and unique concept. I think she was moving so much on the stage that she sounded out of breath, Emmy (the performer) also had a high note in her song but in my opinion failed to reach the note and also her vocals appeared to be flat, that can be a real disadvantage.


2. UK – 2007

Iris; I Actually really liked the song when I was a kid, however growing up I found the live performance cringe worthy. I can really see the great potential in this entry but it was delivered to us not up to the high standard it could of had.


3. Moldova – 2006

Iris; This song was by far one of my favorite songs in 2006, however, when I heard the live performance it wasn’t upbeat to what I thought it would have been. Also, I found the vocals from Arsenium (Main male singer) being very crankily like he had a drink or two. Such a shame, still a favorite but only the studio version.


4. Belgium – 2006

Frederic; I’ve never particularly liked that song, but then it is often mentioned as the biggest injustices ever when it comes to non-qualifing entries. As far as I am concerned, I already knew back then that Kate Ryan could do much better than this and that just like Las Ketchup who competed the same year, 4 years after rising to great fame maybe already was too long a period before getting into Eurovision


5. Hungary – 2011

Frederic; On the audio video of the official eurovision youtube account, there’s a dance routine performed during the first chorus of the song. That definitely should have been used. But even then, the video on the whole was attractive energetic and showed a youthful Kati whose lack of attention towards her dreams made you want to deal with it. But the live performance looked like an old witch ready to take revenge because she was abandoned, and that revenge started with a terrible style taste, and terrible vocals.


6. Sweden – 2010

Frederic; I believe too much pressure under the form of one person, Christer Fucking Bjorkman, fell on the shoulders of that poor girl who got embarked on a machine she just wasn’t ready for and that lead to what we know.


7. The Netherlands – 2015

Frederic; I could almost say that same as for Kati. Trijntje could definitely have shown us on that live performance why that guy indeed was so wrong not to walk along, but then she gave us way too many reasons to understand why he doesn’t.


8. Ireland – 2016 

Corentin; If you wonder why Nicky wasn’t Westlife’s lead singer, no need to look any further. However, I miss hearing his Irish spokesperson’s accent. Please come back!


9. Romania 2012

Joshua; A Perfect example for a people freaking out when they hear the studio version and then get even more disappointed when they hear her singing live.


10. Latvia 10

Joshua; I personally had high hopes on this one. Look at the backing singer with the black hair.

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