What does “Eurovision” mean to you ?

As many of us have witnessed recently, it’s become quite popular for an expanding contest to be shown to several populations, audiences of the world who had vaguely or even never heard about it before.

This way, we can for example think of America this year, since – apart from the appearance of Justin Timberlake – the contest was broadcast there live for the first time, thus providing us on youtube with lots of videos showing how this specific audience responded to it.

We can also think of Australia who is seriously thinking of applying the format to the asian-pacific region of the world and seems to be working really hard on trying to get it started in 2017.

In over 60 years now we can really tell  that the Eurovision Song Contest has thoroughly changed and seems to be constantly doing so now, is it too much to even get what is it all about ? Will the success keep expanding ?

In oder to get a few answers to these questions, we have decided to launch a big campaign accross all social networks online and even beyond asking you one simple question : “What does Eurovision mean to you ?”

Over the next 3 weeks, we will be happy to collect all answers on all kind of platforms (written, videos, audios) and select the more funny, thoughtful, and clever ones  to display them everywhere we are present (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and here obviously).

Because Eurovision and Just Another Light are all about representation, take the chance to get your vision seen and shared with the world !


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  1. What does ESC mean to me?

    How can I answer that briefly 🙂 I can’t!

    ESC is actually my biggest hobby…it’s like a passion, a lifestyle in a way. It’s very important, it would be a lie to try to underestimate it!

    I am generally a big music fan. And I usually say that my love for ESC comes as a “natural prolongment” of that. Very true! I don’t care about glamour and visuals. For me ESC is 95 % about music…as it should 🙂

    Many of my best friends are also big fans of the contest. I have also had girlfriends who are ESC-fans, so it’s a great way of combining people. I sometimes say “ESC-friends are not like other friends”. It might sound not so nice to other friends, so no offence. But still….ESC is a great “icebreaker”. You NEVER run out of things to talk about….a great, and maybe unusual, hobby to share. And I think the fact that ESC is not a “usual” interest, also makes us fans even more attached 🙂

    It’s a fun show…feelgood. Watching NFs / ESC finals makes me happy 🙂 Mostly good music, many different music stles, and usually a big, colourful and “happy” feel of the show. Even if the music is the important thong, I also like how it’s presented.

    That said, sometimes I think ESC gets too visual these days. (which is probably the biggest problem the contest ace these days, along with the silly stereotypes many people have of the fan culture….) I miss seeing live instruments! Why is not love music allowed? I like the Albanian finals, were you can see an ochestra. OK, maybe I am old-fashioned, but I think it has a classy touch to it. Sadly missed in the sometimes overly “glamourour” ESC of today.

    ESC has a big historical facotr. No program has entertained, annoyed, and made people caring as much for so many years. It must have something special, when it can surivie all changing TV and music trends. I guess people never gets bored with music. And tom follow their country with it’s ups and downs…and support the other countries. The competition factor adds a lot to the appeal., Even if many songs don’t get the results the deserve, ESC is a way maybe too “commerical”

    ESC is great music, fun, excitement, history, traditons, rites, friendship etc…many great things.

    but of course most of all, good and diverse music

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