Eurolight Song Contest 2016 : Semi Finals

The Eurolight Song Contest 2016 voting windows for the Semi Finals are now openĀ and will close on AprilĀ 29, 23:59.

You will be able to vote for your favourite(s) once in each semi final every 24 hours.

The weight of your votes in the outcome will depend on the total number of votes received for these semi finals.
Based on last year’s figures : starting from 50 votes in each semi final, the readers’ results will weight for 1/5, 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 every 50 more votes cast. It will take 200 and + votes in each semi for the overall results to be a 50/50 share with our jury composed of Frederic, Iris, Joshua and Corentin.

The Top 12 songs will qualify from each semi final. The results for both Semi Finals will be announced on April 30.

Semi Final 1

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Semi Final 2

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