Searching for Sugar Man

Fans really make the power of artists. Anyone can be inspired by what’s happening around, and create the most beautiful pieces of any art through a specific vision that is theirs. With all the resources and the progress mankind has managed to make, most people all over the world are able to do create and share, but one question remains:

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Searching for Sugar Man is Swedish-British documentary released in 2012 gathering decades of video footage and music about a same artist will brilliantly show you the power a fan base at its best.

Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul who recently died after committing suicide will leave an all the more powerful piece of work that the struggle (mainly financial) that lasted for years to complete this piece ended with the use of an iPhone app called 8mm Vintage Camera, after initially a Super 8 film.

How far could some go sometimes to express themselves?

The sadness inspired by Malik’s story can however be relieved by the success of Searching for Sugar Man encountered, often mentioned as one of the best cinematographic productions of 2012. An instant success, that isn’t quite the case of the person it is all about, Sixto Rodriguez.

Did this Detroit singer die after committing suicide on stage in the 1970’s as the rumours say?

Rodriguez’s music, which never took off in the United States, had become wildly popular in South Africa at the height of the Apartheid then, but little was known about him there…

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